The Purifying Frost chapter 1

A FRIGID TALE I've mentioned before my interest in Dungeons and Dragons and, if I haven't mentioned it before, I'm a huge fan of R.A. Salvatore's Drizzt Do'Urden series. Lately I've been playing D&D and re-reading Salvatore's books which inspired me to try my hand at writing my own character's fiction, again. I hope to... Continue Reading →

Wow, what time has passed…..

So it's been a long time.........a REALLY long time since I posted anything. I've very slowly been working on some things but not nearly quickly enough that they're anywhere close to being done. I'll start getting things out a bit more this year (we've all got the time to do whatever right?) so expect a... Continue Reading →

E3 2019

I'll tell you right now, this is going to be short. I didn't keep up with hardly any of the coverage of E3, there was a single game that got me to watch anything but we'll get into that later. As for why I didn't catch it this year that can be attributed to a... Continue Reading →

Duke Cannon Review

This isn't going to be so much a review as it is more a I'll also let you know that I've only used the soaps from Duke Cannon and haven't had an opportunity to purchase/use anything else of theirs, such as their beard stuff, mustache wax, deodorants, antiperspirants or anything else. I WILL say... Continue Reading →

A Little Upcoming

It may potentially be a while until I get a post out again, with the summer months looming on the seasonal horizon and the associated release of my children from school I may be busier than normal. What I am working on too will acquire more time and attention than your average post and I... Continue Reading →

Introversion: My experience

I am an introvert. There I admitted it, actually you probably have picked up on that already given a few of my other articles. I've partially written and deleted this post already once before and hesitated on whether I should try writing about being an introvert or not but here it is. This will not... Continue Reading →

YouTube channel spotlight: Townsends

This month I thought I'd start a YouTube spotlight trend and cover channels that I find interesting or can't get enough of or I think deserve the publicity. To start things off, I'll be discussing Townsends YouTube channel and sharing with you this wonderful channel I discovered purely by chance. This was one of those... Continue Reading →

Rimworld Review

In the massive, Olympic-sized swimming pool that is RimWorld I'm still only the 5 year old that has yet to venture beyond the 3 foot mark in regards to how deeply and long I've played the game. So take this post with a grain of salt, though I do very much enjoy the game I'm... Continue Reading →

Made Myself a Liar

In my last post I claimed that I was deep in writing something for September, which was absolutely true, but I never actually published it. I've not written anything for some time actually and I very much apologize for that. I've got a post that I'm working on currently and I will have it out... Continue Reading →

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